IMG_2301“We just love your class.  It is the first time I have ever almost enjoyed exercise!”
Catherine Lawson

“Cathy worked her magic by getting rid of all the knots and tension in my neck and shoulders, accumulated over several decades in a few short months. I am now virtually migraine free! Cathy is extremely professional and talented – I could not recommend her more highly.”

“I find the benefits of regular sports massage for training, racing and recovery aid improved performance and prevent injury. Cathy understands this and with her detailed anatomical knowledge and massage skills is able to offer just the right intensity of treatment to contribute to success. Cathy is an integral part of my sporting life, just like my running shoes, bike or swim kit. I come away from one of Cathy’s treatments feeling that I have been coached in mind and body, refreshed and ready to commit to the challenge. Cathy’s sports massage is a real tonic. Brilliant!!”

“The Hunter family and their friends have been seeing Cathy with various niggling muscular ailments for the last year or so and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Her knowledge of the body’s structure and her skills at identifying the treatment needed, combined with the magic wielded by her strong hands, are quite outstanding.  This combined with her caring personality make visiting her a very pleasurable experience.”
Peter & Susanne Hunter

“I have been lucky to have personal yoga sessions with Cathy and also group sessions.  Having come from a place of being a non-yogi, Cathy has instilled in me a passion for yoga! She is gentle and kind – you think – but she makes you work hard and achieve positions you would never think possible!  She cares about her clients and will ensure they will reach their potential. In group sessions, she engages with all members of mixed ability. She conveys a sense of calm and ensures that people are comfortable in working at their own ability and pace.  She explains positions well – and you know where you should be feeling the stretch. The head massage at the end is the icing on the cake! Cathy is of course great fun too, but knows her stuff and shares it in a professional and motivational manner.  What more could we ask for!

“I met Cathy about 3 years ago via her other profession as a professional masseur. I was suffering from very tight shoulders as well as general muscle tightness due to heavy weight training. Cathy asked me if I did yoga and as I didn’t, if I would be interested in attending her class at a local school.  Very convenient for me, so I decided to give it a try. That was 3 years ago now.  It has improved my flexibility and fitness immensely and things that I never thought I would be able to do, I now do without a second thought e.g. headstand. Cathy has so much enthusiasm and energy about her yoga sessions that you can’t help but enjoy them.  She is also extremely welcoming to any new beginner students. The main things I enjoy about Cathy’s Ashtanga yoga sessions are that they are a good work out for the mind and body.  You find yourself mentally relaxing into the session without even trying. Now if it is a no-yoga week I really miss it.”

“My work with Cathy started a couple of years ago with a 30 minute massage to sort out a stiff neck.  I came back for more and soon become more or less dependent on a monthly rub-down to help me cope with aches and pains of middle-age.  The next step was some one-on-one yoga tuition and, thanks to that, I’m now a regular at Cathy’s Monday evening yoga sessions. The yoga has been transformational in lots of ways – and has certainly helped with the aches and pains – but I still can’t kick the massage habit!”
Steve H

“I came to see Cathy after a long and very stressful period of nearly two years with work and I was not functioning well in mind or body. I had always toyed with the idea that yoga would help me feel calmer and cope better but didn’t want to join a class as actually didn’t want to interact more just wanted to concentrate on feeling better. So I chose to see Cathy privately.  My poor tired body creaked and groaned initially and I found yoga hard to do and it was hard to concentrate for the private hour session  – but  afterwards I did feel looser especially around my core and hips.  When I got back to the office I did feel quite good and straight away when getting tense I did breathe deeply as I had been taught – and still to this day really do know the difference between breathing as we all do every day and really breathing ! They are really very different! Each time I went to yoga I was pleased I could stretch more hold a pose for longer and as the moves become familiar you can really let your tension go whilst your body learns to let go and relax and stretch. I could go on to say that after each yoga session I spoiled myself with an hour’s massage on a warmed bed …………………. But hey I needed it – it wasn’t pure indulgence!
Maggie – 61 years old – feeling and looking pretty good!