IMG_1017What to expect in a Yoga Session

First and foremost, Cathy will help you to establish your intention or Sankalpa, ie: what has brought you to the mat.  Is it to build core strength and flexibility or to focus the mind and find a deeper sense of calm and purpose, or perhaps all of the above?

1-1 at home

Next, a demonstrated, spoken (in English and the ancient Indian Sanskrit) and adjusted flowing sequence of postures or asanas will then follow, commencing with the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskaras A&B) to warm and open the body and prepare for the next sequences.  Depending upon your level of ability and experience, either the full primary or intermediate series will be followed or these standing and seated asanas can be modified to your individual needs and accessibility.  The session will finish with a wonderfully relaxing Shavasana or corpse pose to allow you time to recover and absorb the benefits of your practice.

If required, a recommended sequence of postures or ‘short forms’ will then be given to adopt at home to further deepen the individual practice.


Groups are kept small and friendly so that everybody feels included and attended to.  The format will be similar to the 1-1 with weekly variations and asana options given to ensure accessibility for all.  Inversions such as handstands, headstands and shoulder stands will be offered and a rejuvinating Shavasana will always mark the end of the practice.

Cathy is always available at the beginning and end of classes to answer any individual questions you may have or help with any areas you may be challenged by, or indeed celebrate in your successes and breakthroughs!

For your own comfort, please do not eat a large meal 2hrs prior to yoga.